Together we are a community of believers in God who we worship as Trinity—Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. God loves everyone and so do we. Maybe you are nervous about fitting in at a new church or perhaps church is brand new to you. Don’t worry. You are welcome at Benson Memorial!
Jesus calls us to follow him in faith. That faith leads us to worship inside the church to prepare us to go outside its walls to reach the lost and the broken. At Benson Memorial, we believe it is important to be doers of the Word of God as well as its hearers.
We value our relationships with one another. As God always invites us to grow closer to him, we believe in sharing hospitality with each other and our neighbors. We are people shaped by grace and willing to extend it to others rather than offer judgment. We seek to love others as Christ first loved us!



The mission of the United Methodist Church to is to make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world. At Benson Memorial, we carry that mission forward. We believe God calls people in different ways to accomplish different tasks. All in all, we seek to be servant leaders, humbly following Christ, and inviting all to know him.


Benson Memorial is organized around four foci for ministry—Gather, Grow, Give, and Go. We believe that we gather for the purpose of growing together in Christ so that we become generous persons going into the world to serve God and love our neighbors.


We believe in God who is Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. We come to know God through the Bible and joyfully experience fellowship with God in the sacraments of Baptism and Holy Communion. While we learn from the Bible and hold it as authoritative, we recognize that not everyone interprets that precious book in the same way. We welcome a variety of thought and opinion at Benson Memorial. Diversity, in all its manifestations, is valued and welcomed here.



On October 6, 1963, Benson Memorial United Methodist Church was organized with 25 charter members.The church was given the name Benson Memorial in memory of Mr. Baxter B. Benson, whose wife, Mrs. Lula Underhill Benson, had created in her last will and testament a fund to help establish a new Methodist Church in Raleigh.


Over the years, Benson Memorial has gained a reputation in the community for the excellence of its outreach ministries. These include Hinton Rural Life Center, Prison Ministry, Good Neighbors Ministry, North Raleigh Ministry, The United Methodist Women, The Men's Ministry, Church and Society, Prayer Shawl Ministry, Scout Programs, and annual donation drives for Jeffreys Grove Elementary School and The Methodist Home for Children.


The strength of Benson Memorial is the membership. We come from diverse backgrounds and from differing religious communions. We are an ecumenical fellowship, but we are one in our common agreement that, as Christians, God has called us to be in creative mission for him within the realities of the contemporary world. Christian faith is not a solitary commitment; we all belong together!


In 1963 we were a bold idea. Today, we are the body of Christ. Through the members of this church, lives have been changed by the grace of God. Through the Spirit that fills us, countless persons have been touched by our Savior Jesus. Won't you join us on our journey?